The original chalk drawing from the Vertikal covers has been lying around my home for years. Was it a good image in itself? I didn’t really have any idea what to do with it. Until now when we got a chance to reproduce it as a lithography at Idem Paris – the oldest fine art printing studio in Europe. Where artists like Picasso used to work and more recently David Lynch creates his exhibitions.

So I flew out to Paris for a couple of days to work with this method. On heavy old machines the ink transfers directly from the plate (or stone) to the paper. With range and density way above standard printing. Very suitable for this image. The atmosphere in the studio was like time stood still. With no stress I really had the opportunity to work with these master printers to get the perfect result.


100 signed and numbered Vertikal lithographs from the original drawing are now available. 

There won’t be more...

Price will be between 125 and 150 euros depending on your location.

Photos : Alexis Sevenier

Find the 100 lithos  HERE on May 20th.